Magnetic Car Phone Holder For iPhone Samsung Magnet Mount 360 Rotation Car Holder for Phone in Car Phone Holder Stand

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Magnetic car phone holder for your iPhone or Samsung phone. This is a 360 rotation car holder which could also be used as a phone stand.

Colors: Black, Rose, Gold, Silver

4 Powerful Magnet: the magnetic force is 10 times stronger than the common magnet.

Product Feature: 

       1.The mini design doesn't  block your sight and save space.

  1. It is made of  high quality aluminum, and gives the features of strong , scrap resistant and durable. 
  2. It has strong magnetic attraction, 360-degree rotation and a firm holder. 
  3. The sticker can be used on any surface. 
  4. The magnet is suitable for any cell phone. 

Fit for different vents in the car!!

This comes with an iron sheet to be attached on your phone shell.

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